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Mount Bromo from the Bromo Tengger Semeru State Park is unique because it features 5. two hundred and fifty hectares of sea in sand place (Javanese: Segara Wedi or Indonesian: Lautan Pasir) in an altitude of two. 392 measures above the water level. You may climb the mountain applying stairs and see a spectacular dawn over the summit of the hill. It will be the deep personal experience to witness your sunrise and a sun with your own eyes.

The brand of Bromo is derived from the phrase Brahma (one of the Hindu Gods). Mount Bromo remains an active volcano. It becomes incredibly famous due to the exquisite magnificence. This hill is not as big as other volcanoes in Dalam negri, but it offers dramatic and spectacular landscapes for the tourists.


The people of Tengger tribe as your inhabitants of Mount Bromo believe that Mount Bromo was a place in which a prince lost his own life to get his family. The people of Tengger tribes do Kasada or Kasodo Yadnya festival once a year by offering vegetables, chickens, and some dollars. All of those things will be thrown in the crater with the volcano since offerings to Gods.

The temperature found at Mount Bromo is within a range from 3°-20° Celsius, but it surely can be a number of degrees listed below zero through the dry year. You should bring a clothing, gloves, and hat. Soon after sunrise the elements quickly develop into quite popular there. Do not forget to bring your camera as well as camcorder to help you capture the stunning organic beauty there.

To reach Mount Bromo, you can take a good flight to Juanda Airport terminal in Surabaya. From the airport terminal, you can continue your experience to Mount Bromo having a travel named agent. The trip usually takes two to three hours. In order to arrive punctually to see the dawn, you should develop a precise period calculation, or else you can stay at one of many hotels through Prigen, Tretes. You need to make certain you are on the slopes of the crater ahead of sunrise.


Really better for you to arrange your food since it's difficult Wisata Asia to get foodstuff in the core area of national park. Should you forgot to bring food, there are various food stores and restaurants near Mount Bromo. They are open coming from 3 your. m. to 9 r. m. at the Wonokitri village, Tosari market area. The food stalls and restaurants offer a wide variety of Indonesian cuisines just like ketoprak (vegetables, tofu, hemp vermicelli and rice wedding cake in peanut sauce), toast rice, rujak cingur (a marinated cow snout as well as lips and noses (cingur), served with boiled vegetables and fruits and shrimp crackers), bandrek (a traditional hot, lovely and hot and spicy beverage manufactured from ginger, cinnamon and claws sugar) and others.